About Us

Beeba Builders is not merely an institution; it is a symbol of harmony, the epitome of togetherness. We work with quality people and quality materials. Our selection of materials is always based on long – lasting value.
Beeba is promoted by builders with fifty years of experience in major projects all over kerala.

Beeba is concerned to match modern day living for maximum comfort,convience,efficiency and low maintenance.

We offer competitive prices coupled with outstanding workmanship from qualified builders, exactly what you would expect from an established building concern.

Beeb Builders have grown considerably since its inception only through dedication, commitment and sheer hard-work.

Why choose us


With a decade long experience in the area of building quality homes, Beeba has developed an uncanny ability to locate prime parcels of land


We are both knowledgeable and passionate about every aspect of what we do and we do all we can to communicate that knowledge and passion to home buyers.


Each home we build goes through a series of quality inspections by our subcontractors and our project managers until it is finally given the stamp of approval.


Meeting deadlines is a challenge we take on willingly! And is exactly why we deem it a major commitment to complete every one of our projects on schedule.


We are providing wide range of Consulting Services & World wide happy Clients